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I went into my relationship with my bf knowing that I well may be a "transition woman" for him. My husband was ok with that, then sometimes he worries I am being used.

I am giving myself freely in this relationship (with the bf) and I don't think too hard about where it is going. I am trying to keep the focus on today -- "carpe deim" -- and it is very liberating and delicious.

If I get hurt in the end, it's like the old saying: "Tis better to have loved, and lost, than to never have loved at all" (or something like that )

I feel like Love called to me and I almost had no choice in the matter. I absolutely could not say no to Love. It was killing me -- I tried, for several years in fact, to resist.

Then there were times I tried to stop loving my husband. That was impossible too! I have two of the best men on the planet. That is priceless! Just for today, I can't imagine what could be more worth it
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