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Urgh, a year stinks. Yeah he was gone 6 months, home 11, gone 6-1/2, home 8 now gone 7. I told him I'm done with the distance thing for a couple of years after this! LOL

We still will be talking (at least texts and calls good night) during the weekend, so yeah there will still be contact. Right now they only get together 1-2 a year. Mostly he's been deployed much of the past three years, and she has had other things going on, other relationships (non-poly) and she has small kids. So while they are emotionally connected, they are not physically together all that much. Another reason I truly feel they need the weekend as well. And while I want to maintain contact, I also want them to have their time together. It's good for both of them.

He doesn't text or call anyone when we have our weekends. He truly is capable of being "all there" with the person he's with, and when we get the time he is all about me and us. So no worries about that...

I'm going to the AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists) conference this weekend, so really I will be spending all day tomorrow and saturday listening to talks about sex and the profession, etc. I can't imagine being more distracted than that!

The issue is that no matter what I've got going on-- friends over, out to see a concert, watching a movie, etc.-- my brain does this periodical time checks. It's just a bit annoying to me, though manageable. My ultimate goal is to really get to the point where I don't think about it at all, though I'm wondering if that's unrealistic? At least it would be nice to maybe think about it briefly and then not for the rest of the day, LOL.

It's one of those things I can deal with if I have to, but if there's another way I'm ALL for it!

I do think that at some point having another romantic connection would definitely make it easier on me... however the opportunity/right person has not come around yet and I'm patient to wait for the right fit. Someone who really makes my toes curl.

P.S. and my kidlets are older. My daughter is in college, son is in high school and lives with his dad, so I have him weekends/holidays/summers.
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