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I'm glad you cleared up what CBT was...the abbreviation means something entirely different to me! LOL.

My husband was gone for basically a year last year (October to October) he was deployed and then almost immediately sent on course across the country. It does suck being apart for that long. Does he still maintain contact with you when he has his visits with his gf? If not does he refrain from electronic contact with his gf when you are having a weekend together?

Have you put any thought into doing something that you enjoy? I know it can be hard with kids to get out and do something just for you. It really does make the time go faster and things seem less lonely if you have something to look forward to every week. How old are your kids now? Do you have other partners that you make plans with? If you do can you arrange to have more going on on those weekends when you know he's going to be with someone else? (If you don't have other partners a girl's night out is a good alternative).
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