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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
There are a number of studies and papers on communication styles. It does help to know

a) how you communicate
b) how your recipient communicates
c) how you receive communication
d) how your recipient receives communication

If you don't understand how communication works with the person you are with you will run into road blocks and bumps.

Now.. to your specific point. Poly communication can be overwhelming. The need to discuss every point all the time. It can be.. dauntingly annoying. Some people want to live, talk and discuss poly constantly. If he is feeling that way, then maybe you need to create time where poly is not allowed to be discussed. Times of reprieve. Might help him feel less stressed about poly overall.
Thank you for your input. I definitely am getting annoying to him and I am overwhelming him, but I'm even afraid to ask him at this point what level of communication he feels is enough on his part vs. my needs. We used to communicate fairly well before, but he's always been a little more quiet on the communication end and well, now that we've thrown poly into the mix, it's become worse. If I didn't ask questions, I'd probably know nothing at this point.
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