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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
You missed the cheater that has lost intimate connection with thier current partner and is in the relationship because of external factors....future planning, house, finances, good life team, etc, etc. That''s the type I was. I wasn't looking for any freedom and certainly wasn't addicted to cheating. I lacked something and wound up finding it somewhere else.

If I had of worked on maintaining that connection then I doubt I ever would have strayed.

I don't cheat any more. I've learned enough to let go honestly if I was to loose connection.
I probably missed a few types to be honest . I am far from a cheating expert. Only covered the two I know in person.

I do wonder how common each happens. Almost every cheater I know does it for the thrill/fuck/conquest. Telling the wife removes the fun.

Its an interesting topic.
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