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Originally Posted by magikman79 View Post
or If I was really blind & Infatuated, Id just assume it meant "A" & take my chances.
Heartened by your post, I actually text-ed her and turns out she's been really busy but would love to hang out after school craziness is over!

After coming out to a circle of friends I've gotten to witness a lot of reactions, teary-eyed and really angry ones included. Astonishment is probably the common denominator between them. Also, an acquaintance recently confessed to a mutual friend that she finds me really scary . ME?!? The Church-going bunny lady? Who works with ID folks and loves children and everything which includes fluff? Granted, she thought that Christian women would at least not flaunt it if they fall somewhat short of the one man-one woman-for life ideal. Good luck she didn't tell it to my face - spared her from hearing a lecture on how 'one man-many women-until the hubs finds someone hotter' is really the Biblical ideal of marriage, and I am carrying my weight to return as from our single-standard-monogamy ways, adopted from the Pagans, to our Biblical Hebrew roots.

Anyways - I actually started to wonder how, approaching our mid-twenties, our circle of friends is starting to split into two. There are folks who have found their One and Only and are getting hitched, and then there are those of us who either have fairly recently ended things with their One and Only Turned Not So and are playing the field with no serious intent, or have a full-time squeeze but who balk at the M word. I wonder how well the two factions end up being able to relate. The one thing I don't want is to alienate my non-poly friends, but I fear some of them might want to distance themselves from me - after all, I could be after their boyfriends/hubbies for all they know!
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