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I wanted to thank you all for your input about meeting this new meta in my life. Things went well, I think. He was a sweet guy and we had a lovely time together on Easter. I took some advice here and I was very direct and very clear about how dedicated and devoted I am to my primary and how that will not change even though she is seeing this new guy in her life.

My only concern with him is that I feel that he is monogamous by nature and that he may not be entirely sure about what he is getting into. My gut says that he doesn't have very much long term potential in the life of my mate. My guess is that once he meets another girl, my mate will be history to him. Either that or he will get to a point emotionally with my mate where he will give her ultimatums of either him or me. I am not sure how much that concerns me except for not wanting my Love to feel heart ache over this in the long term.

In all this was a very strong time of growth for me and helped me to sort out some things about my life that caused me to have some negative feelings. What I learned is that at times, I can be envious of my mate of the life she lives for herself. In that she is having wonderful adventures where I feel stuck at home all the time with the cat and responsibilities of our household. I realized that this is an issue with ME and me alone and that its time for me to have my own adventures as well.
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