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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post

In any relationship, there are at least three parts that need taken care of: You, Me, and Us. For a relationship to work well, each person has to take care of him- or herself (Me), the other person (You), and the relationship (Us). Things fall apart when one or both partners begin neglecting parts of the whole.

With poly tangles, the range of parts to be taken care of expands: You, Me, Us, and Other--with Other referring to both "other person" and "other relationship" and may involve multiple other persons.

From what you've reported, Nick is refusing to take care of You & Us while only attending to his Me and chasing after the Other. That's not an indicator of likely success for any of the relationships. You have to address the question of why you would want to stay involved with someone who shows such disregard for you; take up the issue with him and find out if he's serious about taking care of you and your relationship and figure out what's best for you based on that.

This is awesome advice. Did you read this somewhere, or did you figure it out yourself?
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