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I've got 4 tats on my back, plan on getting many more and possibly 1/2 or 1/4sleeves eventually. I used to have my ears gauged to 0, but took them out for work and they've closed up to a 4 now. The butterfly on my shoulder in my av, is one that I desgined myself.

I had my tongue, labret, nipples and navel done, but again had to take out the tongue and labret for work. The navel rejected one day and my bf was not crazy about the nipple piercings when I met them, so I took them out as well. I doubt I'll get pierced up again, but I sure plan on a lot more tattoos. I seem to get one done each time I go through some change in life, and I don't doubt that means I'll be getting another one really soon.

As for him, he has 2 tats, one of each of his shoulders.
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