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Well,..this is pretty simple. (in my mind)

Guy B asked girl-B if she loved you more then him. She answered, 'yes'.

That answer, means its up to those two to figure things out, and where to go from there. You dont really get to help smooth things over, or try and 'help' them. In fact, it might just piss guy B off.

If she had answered 'no'...then maybe you could ask for guidance on how to help him feel more secure,.....but she didn`t.

It is now up to them to talk. She had the guts to say that, so she can be responsible to tell him how she feels lonely, untouched, and so forth.

Its then up to him, to decide to blow that popsicle stand, or to hear her, and try and do better by her so she feels love equally.

you can`t control his reaction. You cant manipulate the situation, even if your intentions are good, and you want to help girl B.

Just control, Think ahead to the various ways they may handle this, and think about how you feel.

When either of them want to talk to you, they will.

Good Luck.

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