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I'm quite fine with accepting the fact that we may not always love one another romantically, and that our relationship might move away from what it is now. My concern is with the idea that we'll still love each other, but that we won't be allowed to express it, when I've worked so hard for that kind of freedom in my own life.

And I firmly believe that i can be a happy person regardless of the turnout of this relationship. And I can tell myself "I'll be fine after we break up and the heartache is over." But I don't think that's a constructive way to be in a happy relationship right now, if my mantra is 'I'll be ok, once its over". I'm looking for a way to feel ok now.

Its obviously stretching my comfort zones, what I'm asking is how do I cope? How do I cope now instead of just waiting for it to be damage control later?
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