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Originally Posted by vandalin View Post
Cajun and I are doing really well. He is still not looking for "outside attention" but is still very supportive of my searches. A realization I came to in the last few months that I keep asking myself... when did I become a MILF?!

I am getting tired of the "dating scene" already. Most guys who contact me are in their early or mid 20's, possibly cougar hunters, and are mostly just looking for sex, which is not what I'm looking for... at least not solely looking for. I figured that the best way to describe what I'm looking for is rather simple, I'm looking for a boyfriend. Someone to go out on dates with, someone to hang out with, someone to be a little (or a lot) physical with, someone who wants or is willing to allow romantic feelings grow between us.

Now didn't y'all miss my long posts? lol
Hi VAN!!!! I did miss you! I don't know about the dating scene but 20 somethings do seem to be rather aggressive with the cougars these days. Didn't like them then and really don't like em now. However, the attention is an ego booster! But I am with you a bf is so much more warm and snuggly, and sex is a given, right?! Welcome back sweetie!

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