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I can't believe that it's been 6 months! since my last update. Bad Van! Bad!

So short version of the last 6 months... My little Prince is almost 10 months old, my Jewel is now 4 years old and Cajun and I are leaving Friday for our 5 year Anniversary trip and will be gone for 2 whole weeks! (no kids, no family, no drama!) I am poly-single still. Things didn't work out with Carl (see above), worse than I thought but not totally surprised. Bucky and I still talk every day almost and are really good friends. I've talked to a few more guys and met two, one is now a friend and one..."well the ice cream was good" is how I felt about meeting him.

Cajun and I are doing really well. He is still not looking for "outside attention" but is still very supportive of my searches. A realization I came to in the last few months that I keep asking myself... when did I become a MILF?!

I am getting tired of the "dating scene" already. Most guys who contact me are in their early or mid 20's, possibly cougar hunters, and are mostly just looking for sex, which is not what I'm looking for... at least not solely looking for. I figured that the best way to describe what I'm looking for is rather simple, I'm looking for a boyfriend. Someone to go out on dates with, someone to hang out with, someone to be a little (or a lot) physical with, someone who wants or is willing to allow romantic feelings grow between us.

As for the last message that was all confusing and such. Short story is my sis and I had a bit of a flare up since being told about hubby and my open relationship and I went to talk to Elric about what she had said and to get his opinion. He worded things very very badly, so badly that I had to leave the conversation in tears. He apologized the next day and explained what he was trying to say. It's kinda messy when someone doesn't agree with what you are doing but stands behind and supports you while you are doing it.

Now for the prompting issue that made me finally get my arse over here and post (leaving FB sitting for a change). Cajun and I, as I mentioned, will be traveling a little for our anniversary. The bulk of our time will be on a cruise ship checking out Alaska. But we will be leaving and returning through Vancouver, BC! I even planned it out so that we would have a full day on each end of the cruise to check out Vancouver and maybe, just maybe, meet some of the awesome people here. Shortish notice, I know, but We will be there on May 1st through 3rd and then again from May 10th through 12th, the 2nd (Tuesday) and 11th (Wednesday) being the full days. So far the only thing we really want to do (the only thing I remember that is) is check out the Steam-powered clock(?) (have to look it up before we leave Friday). Not sure what else to do, so even if you can't/don't want to meet us, any ideas on things to do in Vancouver would be appreciated.

Now didn't y'all miss my long posts? lol
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