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Originally Posted by kazokujin View Post
I'm not sure why what I've had to say on the matter has garnered a somewhat rocky reception, but I'm sorry to see it happen.
Since everybody else on this thread has only been warm and welcoming to you, I guess that the "somewhat rocky reception" refers to my input. Please believe me when I say that that was not my intention. As I've just explained on another thread, I had a long day of frustrating hitch-hiking yesterday (including having to back-track; walk for a few kilometres through the woods bordering the motorway [with a huge rucksack and a smaller one]; and accept hitching along a different route than that I'd wanted because "you can't get there from here"), which has followed a week of sleeping little (most of those days hitch-hiking, at least 3 nights in a tent at motorway service areas...)

So my brain wasn't at its fittest, and if I offended, I apologise.

But a word of advice that has helped me some: there are lots of different characters on this board, some with English as a 2nd or 3rd language. Of the native English speakers, there is a whole spectrum in the way people express what they're trying to say. MOST of us are well-intentioned. Try not to feel attacked unless you're SURE that someone is attacking you.

I myself feel enriched my the variety of other members' opinions and/or viewpoints. I do not mean to judge negatively. However, if I suspect (and I'm ALWAYS well aware that my suspicions might be mistaken) that someone might benefit from advice that I have found useful in my own life, I rarely hesitate in sharing it. No offence meant. Ever.

I repeat: Welcome to the club!

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