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Originally Posted by sage View Post
Thanks for the quoting instructions MFFR

Firstly I didn't say ALL monos feel this way. I was giving it as an answer to your question about why people can't understand how you can love more than one person.

Interesting that you read my post and can say things like 'co-dependence' and "women who love too much'. I've had monos tell me that I'm 'just not that into Z' because I can 'stand' to let him have another love. Of course they also question whether he's 'that into me'.

Tonberry I deliberately didn't extend the quote to cover interchangeability. I do get that and I do understand how you could be offended.
Dear Sage,
No offence meant, believe me! It took me about half an hour to write you the PM with tips on how to quote because it was about 4:40am after a day of many-mistakes hitch-hiking and a week of sleeping VERY few hours each night. I kept dozing off at the keyboard and having to read through the PM each time I woke up again, trying to work out what in hell I was trying to say...

I wrote my last comment on this thread JUST before that, so you can imagine that my brain wasn't at its fittest.

I didn't mean to apply that you have a particularly serious problem, but the way you describe the intensity of your suffering (is it like this every time Z is away?) compared to what I feel is rather pronounced. (And I repeat that I wonder if there isn't something not-very-healthy about the low level of my libido [though 2 women have remarked on - I believe that one said that she was somewhat scared by - my "intensity": the strength of my feelings].)

I think that - for me - if I suffered as much as you describe (searching the bed all night for a lover I knew wasn't there, wanting to rip someone's clothes off after an absence of 2 weeks) I would be worried.
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