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Red - they've been together for 30 years, so late 40's is probably closer, more likely early 50's, putting "her" late 20's or early 30's. Most girls have their daddy issues if not handled, than at leaast under control by then, LOL. Of course that varies, but I digress. The "older man/yonger woman" thing is a sensitive spot for me - at 34 I'm not old my any stretch, but people around me are somewhat critical of both my and Viiolet's motivations because of the 13 year age gap (she'll be 21 in January). It annoys me, lol.

Moving on...

What troubles me about all this is that he wants to call it poly. It isn't poly for a man and woman to have a friendship. I have lots of close male friends that I am not interested in having sex with, but I am very close with. There is nothing wrong with that. Even if there is sexual tension I know where I stand and I am firm with them.

Poly is a sexual and intimate relationship. I would certainly question his motives if he wants to call it that.
I'm a little put off by that statement, and I wonder if you could expound on it or clarify it a bit? There are many people for whom a relationship can be more than a friendship or more accurately different than a friendship without being sexually intimate. ???
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