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Default Introversion and Extroversion

When my wife and I tried poly we kept it fairly close to the vest. I did this mostly for my wife's benefit as I value her piece of mind and really wanted her not to get hurt if at all possible by negativity. We did discuss and prepare for the possibility, and likely eventual probability that family would find out.

She's on the introverted side of things, I am definitely on the extroverted side.

I see some issues, for me at least, that might arise from ducking into dark shadows when the reality of poly is in play.

One issue is that my goal would be, whether successful or not, to form relationships with the potential for long term goodness.

My wife is one of the proudest things to exist in my life. I talk about her all of the time. I don't think I could stop if I tried. I then try to imagine forming a relationship with another woman, that over time matured into a long term love, and going about my life trying to hide or obscure what could be a very large, very rewarding, very proud part of my life.

I would want to include this new love in activities, not exclude her. I would want to indulge her with affection, not withhold it. To me, hiding her away in a cloak of subterfuge and misdirection would be to belittle the importance of the relationship, and relegate it to the seedy part time lover category.

I tend to care little for what other people think, particularly when their opinions are negative and based upon emotional, irrational preconceptions.
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