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Lemondrop-I remember years ago now when I met my husband that I had been a five year relationship with a woman who is now my closest and dearest female friend. I would continue to be in a relationship with her if she were not monogamous. I met my husband through her and the three of us were so loving of one another that we decided to be poly. It lasted awhile but ended in tears and our hearts being ripped out when my girlfriend realized that she could not do it and is mono. Her heart was constantly hurting and the jealousy was too much for her. Now she is a constant part of our lives. She helped me birth my son and stays at our house like she has always lived here. My husband goes to visit her at her house as do I. My son calls her auntie. We have no sexual relationship with her anymore and haven't for years.
my point is that there does not need to be sexual content to a family style relationship. You can chose family and be close without involving the sometimes confusing, hurtful and destroying aspects of sex. I agree with monoVCPG... be careful and stay true to yourself... I worry about the dynamics of your situation. good luck.
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