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Sorry you are going through this. I agree with everyone who has posted so far that this woman doesn't sound a very healthy individual.

Originally Posted by gamerprincess View Post
I told him that he should ask her to be on birth control given she's already got kids and was careless. He also says he would not have sex without a condom, ever. We've been together for 6 years and I know we are both clean. One of my boundaries was that he tell her to get tested and show clean results before going forward if they decide that's what they want should they meet.
A good precaution, but not really enough - she might have other partners she's bare-backing with at the moment.

Whose to say she does not get pregnant (carelessness or not so) and draw you and your hubby into a long and nasty paternity mess, regardless of who the real father is?

I am also worried about the small children. They will most likely get attached to your husband in one way or another. Either she gets a sitter and they only meet in motels and so, or hubs better be pretty darn sure he can handle it.
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