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Originally Posted by JameeDee View Post
I believe, his issue is mostly with Pinky's kids. He is an only child and is used to having everything to himself. He's a pretty quiet kid and is not very outgoing. He likes to play video games and chat with his g/f on Xbox...and that's about it. He's not a fan of kids at all. Pinky's kids are 3, 8 and 13. Sometimes we have "family night" and everyone is over - the first couple of times it was all ok, now it's "annoying." he's 16 - everything is annoying. lol
Woot, you can chat with XBox these days ?

Teenagers have rooms where they can bolt themselves up and exist for weeks at a time with very little input from the outside world. Maybe telling him it's okay if he gets a little overwhelmed during 'family time' to take a breather and close the door behind him?

And hullo, Pinky!
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