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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
usually on line we hear from people who are looking to fill their poly goals, people just starting out or people who are struggling. It is in no way a full representation of the poly community.
Yep, although I do wonder, because of the lack of general awareness on polyamory, how many kids growing up these days stumble upon polyamory while still single and 'available', without trying to form monogamous pairings to begin with.

A girl growing up these days and wondering why she is crushing on her best female friend or a teen-age guy who finds gay porn arousing have words for their feelings. There is cultural recognition for such a thing as 'homosexuality'. However, there is no where near the same awareness for consensual non-monogamy, so people came to it through trial and error. It reminds me of kids in the seventies checking out psychiatry books from their local library and pouring over the 'homosexuality' sections of mental disorders to find something that would give a word to their feelings.

Of course, with the coming of Internet, once you catch the word somewhere and now what to Google, you needn't feel so alone anymore.
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