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Originally Posted by gamerprincess View Post
OK, so the excitement and energy he is feeling about their convos and about meeting her is not considered NRE??????? I'm fully aware of what the acronym stands for, and as far as I see it, since I haven't seen this excitement and desire in him towards doing this, I thought thats what it is.

I didn't realize there was a specific definition to what sort of relationship NRE would be considered as being. They've already got a friendship going, and isn't a friendship a relationship in a way? Or the start to one in something like this?

I'm just saying it's way too soon to be using NRE an an excuse or rationale for his behaviour and/or lack of good judgment.

And I wasn't suggesting that you USE "veto power". I really wanted you to read the posts about what is NOT veto power, especially where redpepper talks about something that happened with her husband and some lady where there was an unhealthy dynamic or something and rp gave her husband a wake-up call. She'll tell you about it once she sees this thread prob'ly.
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