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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
NRE means "New Relationship Energy" and usually happens when people are at least in lust if not in love with each other. If he hasn't even MET her, it's not "NRE". I don't care what anyone else says, it's not "a relationship" if he's just exchanged a few emails and is planning on meeting this person for the first time.
OK, so the excitement and energy he is feeling about their convos and about meeting her is not considered NRE??????? I'm fully aware of what the acronym stands for, and as far as I see it, since I haven't seen this excitement and desire in him towards doing this, I thought thats what it is.

I didn't realize there was a specific definition to what sort of relationship NRE would be considered as being. They've already got a friendship going, and isn't a friendship a relationship in a way? Or the start to one in something like this?
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