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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
I need to get to know the vast majority of men before any sort of attraction develops ... I have to hear them speak, see their attitude and personality before they become attractive. Now sometimes I may not need to see very much, but it's still a necessity. AFTER I see a personality I enjoy, my mind begins to notice physical attributes I like. This escalates, depending on the level of the relationship.


Give me a traditionally HAWT man with a crummy personality, and I'll show you someone that I have no interest in. It does go to the point of affecting sexual desire. [....]

Now women on the other hand ... I will immediately find a woman attractive! In terms of the strangers I check out, women make up 95%. Women tend to work backwards, if I find them immediately attractive. (If I don't find them immediately attractive, they follow the same path as a man.)
I recently read an article about some supposed "scientific" research which quasi-demonstrated that men who identify as bisexual are not really bisexual -- and it's scientific!

The study involved placing sensors on self-identified bi men's genitals and "measuring" attraction. Then -- get this -- the men were "exposed" porn of two types, one with man/men (with no women) and the other with women/woman (without men). Most of the self-identified bi men physically -- and measurably -- responded to the male erotica; and most did not so respond to the female erotica.

This was supposed to more-or-less discredit male bisexuality in humans. As if there couldn't be more going on in attraction / difference.
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