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Originally Posted by gamerprincess View Post
Very disfunctional, creepy behavior. Not cool at all.
Nothing can stop her but her own self. There's a thread on here about "changing a cheater", has some pertinent info you might want to go read it too.

There is only one way to guarantee that no babies are created. The second best option is to get fixed and/or only have sex with people who are fixed. Third best is to use a condom AND something else.
But-most important is that if you don't want kids (or HE doesn't in this case) then it's HIS JOB to ensure that he takes ALL precautions to ensure not making a kid.

Common-unfortunate reaction. Settling is never a good plan in my experience.

I agree that is it is very dysfunctional behavior and I really hope he sees that for what it is and the light bulbs go off, but they may not. I told him I trust his decision to know whether he thinks this is something he wants with her given her past. A woman with kids already is a whole different ballpark then what he is used to.

We do wants kids, but together eventually..but not with the secondary for sure. I told him that he should ask her to be on birth control given she's already got kids and was careless. He also says he would not have sex without a condom, ever. We've been together for 6 years and I know we are both clean. One of my boundaries was that he tell her to get tested and show clean results before going forward if they decide that's what they want should they meet.

He says she really went for the 3rd because she wanted to have a son after having two girls and didn't want to ho around with some other guy, might as well have them all from the same dad. What fucked up logic if you ask me, pardon my french.

I don't know why he thinks it's OK, really.. Tells me I'm being too unfair about her.
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