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Default What to expect...

I'm new to the poly way of life, and have recently met a wonderful man who is poly, he and his wife have been together for about 18 years, are legally married, and have 4 children all under the age of 18 together. they live together about 20/25 minutes away from where I live. He's told me that he's had a handful of relationships but they were only emotionally intimate, but in the last few months his wife and him decided to allow for physical as well as emotional intimacy if a relationship progresses to that point. I should also mention that his wife is poly but has no interest right now in other relationships, but from what he has said is fully supportive of him finding another love, ... and they have already been talking about me as a potential partner/love. She is straight as am I.

Never having been in a poly relationship, I am unsure what to expect as a secondary relationship. I know it will mostly depend on him and his wife. They have a 3rd date rule that says after him and I go on a third date, I'll get to sit down with him and his wife and talk about everything, but not knowing much about it, I was hoping to see ideas/suggestions from other people who have been in a similar place and maybe share stories with me about how things happened for them. Really any advice, articles for people looking at being a secondary relationship to a married poly couple with kids, and anything else potentially helpful would be amazing. I've been searching the web, but have had no luck so far.

Thank you!
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