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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Anyone who would bring a life into this world as a bargaining chip is someone I would want NOTHING to do with. I don't care what the circumstances were.

To do that... she sounds off her rocker, and I think it is very practical and smart to be cautious. Settling for the first opportunity is not a good idea whatsoever! Your BF should just take it as a sign that he will find someone, that there are people out there open to poly, but making a choice out of feeling desperate usually leads to disaster. You're in So. Cali? Oh, don't worry, there are other poly women there!
I also want to add, that she tells my bf that the husband and wife actually asked her to move in with them at one point, for a triad thing. I guess the wife was OK with it in the end except that she would have been like their housekeeper too, but she told them no way she wasn't into that.

Still doesn't make it right in my head though. I shall show him your post and hope that I can get other feedback too.
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