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After she had the 2nd child his wife found out about the affair, somehow decided to introduce them, not sure whose idea it was, but the meeting didn't go well and then the wife started threatening her, so to retaliate...get this...she gets pregnant with the 3rd out of spite. Then she gave him an ultimatum, it's her or me.
Very disfunctional, creepy behavior. Not cool at all.
What would stop her from trying to do that again if she fell for my bf as much as he's made it clear that can't happen and she says she doesn't want it. If she doesn't like me, what might she try to do to spite me? The same thing?
Nothing can stop her but her own self. There's a thread on here about "changing a cheater", has some pertinent info you might want to go read it too.

He made it clear to her that he absolutely does not want kids right now, and he never wants to have children out of a polyamorous relationship.
There is only one way to guarantee that no babies are created. The second best option is to get fixed and/or only have sex with people who are fixed. Third best is to use a condom AND something else.
But-most important is that if you don't want kids (or HE doesn't in this case) then it's HIS JOB to ensure that he takes ALL precautions to ensure not making a kid.

She was the first woman we came across that was interested in a poly relationship and I think he is just settling for the 1st thing that came his way.
Common-unfortunate reaction. Settling is never a good plan in my experience.

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I think you should trust yourself. You seem to be a rational person and are looking for affirmation. I do not need to know everything about your situation, nor do I need to know the "other side(s) of the story" to be able to tell you that you should listen to your gut when it speaks to you.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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