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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
The bottom line is: the State can do any thing they bloody well want. If that is going to stop you from living the life you choose to live, that's one way they win (by default). Sheeple...

Just be aware... and be careful.
Yes, one can argue that you must stand up for your rights or they will be taken away from you. But, in my opinion, when I chose to have children, I chose to take responsibility for their health and well-being. Having them placed in a foster care home is not to their benefit (I find it important to point out that I was abused by a state-certified foster parent who had MANY ON-RECORD complaints that the state ignored, and she was a foster parent for many years after I became an adult), so I must temper my decisions with the knowledge that I am responsible for keeping them in a safe home until they are adults. In the mean time, I try to educate them to stand up for themselves while taking care of the people to whom they are responsible. Sadly, life is not black and white, and sometimes you must make compromises for the ones you love. If it looks like a fight that might end up with my children taken away, then we will find another way. *I can fight this fight when it will not harm the ones I love and who have no ability to walk away from the fight.*
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