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Originally Posted by PolyNewbie View Post
...all three of us have occasional thoughts along the lines of "are we completely delusional for thinking that this could ever possibly work?" We can't think of any reasons why it wouldn't, right now, but it's so new and different and fraught with unknowns that we just wonder if we're overlooking something that will be obvious in retrospect when we're all sitting in the lawyer's office signing dissolution agreements.
Trust me, we have the same thoughts. We all agree that there are no absolutes in life. As with any "average" relationship, you never know if it will work out in the end.
Given that that's been our experience when things have gone so relatively placidly for us, I'm really impressed with you for deciding to hang in there and try to make it work when there are real visible potential problems. It's good for me to hear that, because it lets me know how important a relationship like this can be to someone else, which in turn makes me feel less crazy for having mine be as important to me as it is. If that makes any sense.
I TOTALLY understand. That's why we are all here. It's nice to know there are others going through and loving it!
still trying to figure it all out...

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