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My jeans are getting baggy yay And it's been Easter!!! And it's been rainy (hard to walk) And I've had an awful cold. So really pleased after Easter holidays of visiting family etc.

Far be it from me to push products but do you have something over there called "Sensorslim" or something like it. Apparently there have been worldwide trials and very good results. I've been using it now for a couple of weeks, and no scales so can't tell exact weight loss but my jeans are definitely looser. It's a spray you spray in your mouth 10 minutes before eating and I also use it if I start to get cravings or want to emotionally eat (although since using it that has almost gone). It doesn't profess to be a miracle cure but it does help you stick to a sensible eating plan and it definitely keeps my blood sugar stable.

I have a large wardrobe of clothes I can't wear. I don't really care about weight loss on scales I just want to fit my old clothes.
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