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Talking By

I got home from work on Friday and had a talk with my son. I started out by telling him that I was sorry he overheard and assured him that I was fully aware of what was going on. There is no need for him to think that Hubby is doing something that I don't approve of. I also let him know that if he ever has any questions, he can ask me whatever he needs to. I told him that this was a new situation for all of us and I know it is not average. All we can do is work thru it together. In order to work thru it, we all have to communicate. Oh, and he can't hate my girlfriend. He laughed.

Luckily for me, he is a very open-minded kid. He's got a good friend at school who has two moms, and another friend who has come out to him as bi, so he is not completely shocked.

I believe, his issue is mostly with Pinky's kids. He is an only child and is used to having everything to himself. He's a pretty quiet kid and is not very outgoing. He likes to play video games and chat with his g/f on Xbox...and that's about it. He's not a fan of kids at all. Pinky's kids are 3, 8 and 13. Sometimes we have "family night" and everyone is over - the first couple of times it was all ok, now it's "annoying." he's 16 - everything is annoying. lol

I told him it would be the same thing if I was no longer married to Hubby and had a new boyfriend with kids. He may not like it, but he will have to get used to it.

I reminded him that we are all doing this in the name of love. There is no reason to be scared or worried.

I left him to his Xbox and he was smiling. I think it's all gonna be OK.

Overall - our "new" family overcame lots of hurdles this weekend.
~ the boy overhearing ...
~ Pinky's x-husband hearing she was having a lesbian relationship with another woman...which is pretty close to true. She calmed him down without denying it. I thought it was truly magical. lol
~ Pinky's family was told of the situation on Easter Sunday! - they were all very supportive!
~ Hubby met Pinky's mom and dad. They liked him
~ My boy and Pinky's boy had a little tiff...feelings were hurt, but it's cool now.
~ I was feeling a little left out, but I didn't get jealous. I just let 'em know!

We did it as a team! That is beyond fantastic. Each day it gets a little easier, although it may still be complicated, it's worth it!
still trying to figure it all out...

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