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I tend to take positions on issues on a case by case basis. Still and all I am generally considered to be way left of most lefties. I try not to describe myself with labels because everyone brings a different interpretation of each label to the table. Instead I describe myself with descriptions.

such as: I am a person who believes that we are much more a product of our respective environments than any genetic or theistic plan. I believe that humanity could easily be capable of self-determination and self-governance, but I believe that a group of conspirators works very hard at stupefying the majority of humanity and figuring out how best to subjugate the majority of humanity to satisfy their lust for power. I consider people who believe that we are predestined to be either leaders or followers --by genetics, fate, deities or what have you-- my ideological adversaries and I work very hard to try to advance my own ideas over theirs.
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