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Originally Posted by PolyNewbie View Post
I know New Girl (for lack of a better term) feels like she's likely to be in the minority all the time...

There will have to be some serious remodeling involved, or a new house, because the one we live in right now doesn't have enough room to give NG her own personal space, and we all realize how important that is...
My ideal living situation would include two separate apartments, one four bedroom and one three bedroom, where I would have the smaller one that would include, besides my bedroom, kitchen and the living space, a guest room for whoever. I need that (and also to own/pay for my apartment myself) to feel secure - no matter what happens in this relationship, I won't be homeless. I wonder if some similar arrangement could help assuage NG's fears of being in the minority - in her space, she would rule supreme.

Originally Posted by PolyNewbie View Post
Terminology: right, I know there are a lot of terms, and thanks for pointing out that one. Does "poly-fi" cover the concept of fidelity only within the group? It's a little too close to the Marines motto for me to be totally comfortable with it, but I do see how it applies.
Fidelity only within the group? Poly-fi means you limit your sexual and emotional connections to include only the three of you.

I was actually thinking of having 'Semper fi' on my ring from Sweetheart, but that would just too seriously crack me up every time I pondered on that .
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