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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Have you had conflicts where 2 pitted themselves against one already?

Do you all live together?

Are there children in the mix, or planned for?

BTW, some would call your triad poly-fidelitous, or poly-fi for short.
Two-against-one conflicts: no, not really. I know New Girl (for lack of a better term) feels like she's likely to be in the minority all the time, but it's just theoretical so far. No real conflicts at all at this point.

Live together: not yet. Planning on it. There will have to be some serious remodeling involved, or a new house, because the one we live in right now doesn't have enough room to give NG her own personal space, and we all realize how important that is. But that's where we're going.

Children: no. None. No plans. Not gonna happen. She has a dog and we have cats, which actually does present some interesting territorial issues, but I'll ask about those on a pet forum.

Terminology: right, I know there are a lot of terms, and thanks for pointing out that one. Does "poly-fi" cover the concept of fidelity only within the group? It's a little too close to the Marines motto for me to be totally comfortable with it, but I do see how it applies.
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