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Reading through other people's posts, I think age and newness to poly might also play a factor in this 'How open do I want/should I be?'. I remember that when coming out as bisexual, I was very interested in reading stories of ordinary bi and lesbian women who managed to have a normal happy life, or of famous GLBT folks who had managed major achievements even with this horrible societal detriment . As the years go by and I grow more comfortable with who I am, the activist in me is less and less concerned with correct 'representation' of lesbianity in the media, for example, and if I nowadays face stereotypes, I have more of the 'Yeah, so? It doesn't concern me - I'm not like that'.

Still, I do think that there are important misconceptions to set to rights. Like when militant atheists tell me that I have to either accept the whole Bible as the infallible Word of God (whatever that means) or to disregard Christianity completely, or when people say that there must be something wrong with the relationship in the first place if somebody desires other romantic relationships while being in a relationship already. But there is a time and place for those debates, and I generally believe that if I live my life openly and happily, I'm setting a good enough example already.
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