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Wink At 1st I fell in love (ouch)

But now I choose not to fall; I go towards love now. Being poly started when I was a kid. I told my mom I wanted a couple of husbands. Fast forward to how I came to my current situation. Oh around year 9 1/2ish, I approached dear hubby about seeing women. Cool. Fast forward a year; and BAM I fall head over heels for a GUY...whoops! That felt really hard to tell my hubby; I thought it might be the end of things but what actually happened was beautiful. He was nervous, I was scared poo'less but we hammered out agreements that felt right for us. And now;

My current configuration or polycule is this. I'm legally married for soon to be 13 years to a wonderful loving completely vanilla man that knew I was a freak and married me anyway He just wants me to be happy, have fun, and stay safe. This man has been with me for most of my life; we value the strength and love in our relationship. Through way ups and valley lows he is there for me and I for him Long term relationships ROCK!!! We get to experience RRE (renewed relationship energy) from the NRE of my other relationships and it's beautiful.

I have a man (boyfriend) of a few months that I am way in love with; he is just as, if not more freaky than I am is funny and open-minded; I feel grateful to have met him. We are in the swirl that is 'new relationship energy' (NRE) and wow I forgot how wild it is!!! It feels super amazing that I get to have another 'love of my life'. He's a'ight (inside joke). We continue to deepen our relationship daily and it feels amazing. And psst, we even made it past the first major blowup/disagreement/issue/'OMGs this is so YOUR fault moment'. Sweet!!! Whew, that was INTENSE And, and, ohmygoshIwanttojustgoonandonabouthowwonderfulHEis but I won't :P

There is also my XOSO (X other significant other) or xboyfriend and our relationship went sideways for a couple months. That breakup...yeeeeah, this is the internet not, saying, anything much more about that here... AND we are back to being sweeties, a level of attachment that is something a bit more than FWBish. At least, that's how I would describe it. Never underestimate the power of forgiveness and compassion, just sayin'. And he just loved when we were out together and I said "hey xboyfriend", actually he rolled his eyes at me but it was so cute Interesting about thing about this relationship is that I have the feeling this man will be in my life for a while as well. And that's all
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