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Default Danger! Do not read! Politics inside!

Anyone reading teh thread title would know better than to be reading this, so hopefully it gets zero views. Nobody should read this, because nobody wants to go there.

So - to all the people NOT reading this - I'm curious about the overwhelmingly liberal views and positions I see indicated, hinted at, and sometimes openly espoused here. Other than Gypsy, who seems to be extreme right and extreme left at the same time, lol.

Note - I'm not criticizing or condemning anyone's positions on anything, I'm merely getting a feel for the fact that as one who identifies as a very moderate liberal but who feels that todays climate makes him a moderate conservative, I'm greatly outnumbered here, lol. I was raised in a VERY political family, and have access and insights that many people don't as a result, both into politics directly and the media behind the scenes. As a result, I tend to upset a lot of liberals when I inform them that their current pet cause has roots that aren't so pretty and end goals not related to the cause in and of itself. I upset a lot of conservatives when I point out that the things they're supporting are similarly rooted in BS and pushed by the same motivations and often the very same individuals as the liberal ones, lol.

I guess I'm curious to see if people on these bnoards are as open minded with world views as with relationship ones.
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