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Good job KT! That's awesome.

I havent gotten a walk in since I last posted.

I did haul off trash to the dump today, so that was some lifting-and yesterday Maca and I moved furniture, which was also weight lifting.

We both bought new shoes this weekend so we can start walking/running together. That was exciting.

Next Saturday I am doing a 5k with my little sister. We won't run the whole thing-I can't run more than a 100meters without losing the ability to breathe (seriously need to get checked for asthma issues). But, we'll walk/run to the end anyway.

Tuesday GG has off work again-so we'll get out there and rake some more.

I can't find a lot of motivation when it's ugly and chilly out either. It's so DEPRESSING.
The sun came out this evening for the first time all week. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow, maybe I can take the kids and go for a walk.
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