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Thanks to you as well. Some of the points you mentioned were the cause for me getting the idea of trying a v-relationship (if I'm getting this term right).

a) No, I didn't consider my husband to be as slow as I have been. I kind of realised all this at that time already, but I was just to stubborn and scared to act accordingly. He is way different than me in this regard. IF he decides, it will be quick and clear. (Quick in the sense of some weeks, not years)

b) Yes that is exactly what I hope for... don't wanted to get my hopes up to easily. I know he is considerate of me concerning this, we had discussed some possiblities in this field already, but I don't know if he still thinks it could be a good idea if I want a lasting relationship instead of a night long experience.

c) No, generally speaking he wouldn't do that. This would be a great impact on his "We grow old together, I raise the kids, we build a house, etc..." He is really traditional and mono concerning this point.

d) Yes he did. He asked if there was something going on. But I have been under the impact of the confession and my denial and therefore I said "No, we are just friends."

e) As stated in d), he trusts me 100%. I do as well. And I think he doesn't see my best friend as a threat right now in this domain. The reason why he could have chosen him to be the third one for his little joke.

f) That's one of our bad points. Or his to be more precise. He is almost never jealous. Or if, he can hide it really well. I complain about this quite often.

g) He knows that I am some kind of open minded. With a slight bi tendency. There have been some experiences with a woman and us before. But as before, just once, not regularly.

And no, I kind of already knew this would be a bad idea. I was just too scared to do something that is more aggressive. I am collecting my courage right now to do so.

You really are of great help. I feel much more relieved then before. Still tense to the point of shaking but my heart is lighter. Thank you.
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