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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Questioning the language is important -- is the same as when people who identify as "childfree" point out the distinction between using that word and using "childless." There are valid reasons for such clarification.
Ooh YES, we are always getting that on the CF forums too, and it's one of my pet-peeves. "the Child-free lifestyle". People from LOTS of different "walks of life", if you will, choose to not have children for many different reasons, and we hardly fit into a certain "lifestyle". Some of us are very social, others are misanthropes, just like on this site. We share a common ground for a specific aspect of our personalities or LIFESTYLE CHOICES we have made, but just because someone is child-free, or HAS CHILDREN, doesn't mean either group shares a common LIFESTYLE.

Great example NYC. I should have come up with that one a lot sooner but I've had an unusually busy social life this weekend, and not because of my "poly lifestyle" (this time). It was because of my roller-derby lifestyle and my hanging-out-with-friends-visiting-from-out-of-town lifestyle.
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