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Originally Posted by Hades36 View Post
Well, my point is, we're debating why people use a certain word? Why? What's the larger, demonstrated impact that the word has on your life or world? Words only mean what we make them mean, anyways, so...shrug...guess I was looking to deep into it.

"the word" has very little to no impact on my life and world.

I don't identify as "poly" anywhere except on internet forums such as this one. I don't like explaining "the poly lifestyle" to people because there is no such thing as "the poly lifestyle". It's not something I think of as defining my life. I don't say "hi I'm Neon, and I'm polyamorous", but I do tell my closest friends that I have a boyfriend and my husband knows and is ok with it, and he's "allowed" to see other people too. Not sure how that would constitute a "lifestyle".
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