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No we are not legally married in our state. We are in the process of going through a second parent adoption. I carry insurance for our son and he already has my last name. Trina is the bio-mum. The romantic/sexual relationship is not over at all between Trina and I. The situation is that the other gf works day shift and I work evenings. So our time with Trina is separate. The other gf gets evenings and I get mornings and early afternoons. Trina is a stay at home mom which everyone prefers. We both have the same days off so on our days off we all spend time together in a non sexual manner. We have had a threesome before but only once. We also all agreed that we will not have any one on one intimacy with Trina while the other is home. I just believe that I should have at least one more night that Trina sleeps in our bed.
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