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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I'm sorry about your mum, truly I am, but I really think you are spending far too much time thinking about yourself and who should be doing stuff for you, and not enough time focusing on what is important ie. your mum and all that comes with a loved one who dies. I really don't think a man who just had a baby is what is important right now... do you?
I really NEED to make a comment on this real quick. Taking care of my mother, making her happy, making sure she has happy memories with her other child (who is a drug addict and doing his best to ruin his last days with her), and spending quality time with her myself have been my main priorities for a long ass time. I see how my post may make me look really selfish here, but I did come asking for advice on a specific problem, not to share my life story. Thanks.

I have to say, I'm not big on the "she thinks she has it hard, well I have it harder" bit.
I totally agree that that is some stupid crap that never should have come out of my mother (or fingers.)

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