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Default There is a difference

...between people in the 'lifestyle' and those who are just curious !

I just refer to people as 'not in the lifestyle' to mean they are people who don't identify as polyamorous (until perhaps now).

In my blog I berated myself for flirting with Sweetheart although I knew full well that he was 'not in the life(style)' with his wife. So no potlucks necessary , what I wanted to convey was that they had been mostly monogamous thus far and are currently in-transition. A whole different set of issues to dating someone who is 'in the lifestyle' and looking for new partners with the full consent and oft enthusiasm of their current partner(s).

I welcome any suggestions that would convey the same difference but would set fewer people off.

After all, BDSM folks have the 'scene'. Can we have something similar?
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