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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Maybe you can have a phone conversation with her instead of meeting in person, but meeting her doesn't seem like an unreasonable request. Why doesn't he want you to?
I'm almost afraid to ask for the phone conversation, or email conversation though I do have her phone number and email, I don't want to go behind his back and do it. I don't know why he is so reluctant. He says it's just weird to him. Says he wouldn't want to meet or know any of my partners, sure he'd have questions or would want to know about them, but as far as meeting them, no...he has no interest he says and doesn't feel it's necessary for me either. Says he doesn't think I would like her for the sheer fact of what she is doing.

The more he tells me he doesn't want me to meet her, the more uncomfortable I am, so I guess I should just drop it/
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