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I’m supposed to be packing for a move closer to Redpepper but I wanted to pass on our evening’s activities.

Redpepper’s husbands’ mother and step dad invited us all over for supper tonight. They did this as a pseudo “welcome to the family” event. We all had an excellent time! His parents never batted an eye in seeing all of us together after being told about our poly relationship. They interacted with me as family and the atmosphere was so friendly and natural that I am a little blown away.

I felt totally at ease because I know my own heart and intentions and my love for thier family shows. Redpepper looked radiant and happy, her son was playing with all of us and her husband seemed laid back and enjoyed himself. We have made plans for thanks giving and his mother invited me to come along for supper again at their place. I am floored at how inviting they are and am sure Redpepper will sleep better tonight

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