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I'm fairly new to polyamory, maybe I could be considered poly-curious, so I'm here to learn. I've had little exposure to the polyamorous lifestyle - some experience among new friends and I've been reading a book called The Ethical Slut which has been making a lot of sense to me.

I'm 26, bi-sexual and living in New England.

I love art and music, though I have little talent to create my own. I also love learning, and often take any excuse to wax philosophical, though I've given up serious academic pursuits for the time being, until I can be certain what I want to do with my life. Sometimes I wonder if I've learned more in my time away from school. I'm just beginning to explore a new-found love of physical activity. As a child, I had no interest in sports, and I'm still not a competitive person, but I could easily get addicted to what some call a "runner's high". I'm looking forward to good weather for hiking this spring and summer. I feel most at peace in a natural setting.

Currently, I have one steady partner with whom I have a friends-with-benefits style relationship. I have occasional hook-ups with others as well, both outside of and with the aforementioned partner. I've enjoyed threesomes and am interested in group sex, though sometimes I prefer to focus my energies on just one person and vice-versa. I currently do not have any interest in being in a relationship with an established couple. I don't want to be anyone's side-dish, or have my needs be considered second-to or less-than that of anyone else. Maybe as I learn more about the polyamorous lifestyle, I'll change this stance, who knows?
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