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Ok, so I apologize for the babbling and the ranting, but it seems like he actually listened to my desire to not text her tonight.. And we've been having a wonderful evening. He reassured me a lot as we talked through a lot of things after I read up a lot today on jealousy in polyamory. I think he understands where I am coming from and agreed to read the literature I came across online today.

I am feeling better and have hope that I will overcome these jealous feelings and have an even better relationship with him than before once I get over this hurdle. I'm really thinking this is going to benefit us both so much as it's giving me inspiration and motivation to go out and experience new things and that is exciting for both of us.

He talked to her about my concerns, and she will be more respectful of our time together, which was very comforting. Yay! We may not meet, but at least she is understanding how I feel and wanting to make it easier for me. I respect that in her.

I was just having a moment, so forgive me. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it.
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