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So, since the last post...I have yet to tell my friend how I feel about her...I'm a chicken, but there is more to it than that. She got back with her bf before I got up the guts... We still talk but I tried to distance myself. They have been off and on over the past months. I still care about her deeply but the distance has been so difficult in keeping our friendship solid... I wonder how it would be if it were more. Now I have told her that I was looking for a third for my relationship and she is very supportive. She seemed a little taken aback by our relationship at first but she still supportive. We joke and laugh about women I like or am attracted to, and right now I've been taking a lil break from dating...but lately she has been very flirty with me and even my bf. He still feels for her too and they just started talking again. He distanced himself too. Right now she is still with her bf, so I don't know if she's just messing around or if she is trying to find an opening. She's so loving and so that is why I can't tell... Maybe I'm seeing more than there really is.
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